Non-Medical Transportation Services (NEMT)

Non-Medical Transportation Services (NEMT)


At Your Way Home Care, we understand that elderly individuals may require special transportation services. That’s why we offer Non-Medical Transportation Services (NEMT) to get seniors to and from medical appointments, social events, and other activities.

We will provide on-demand transportation business lines as a core service to help our clients to stay connected and active within their communities. Our senior transportation services willinclude:trips to the drugstore for prescription pick-up, assistance with everyday errands such as grocery shopping, transport and assistance to and from doctor and therapy appointments, and travel to and from home to visit family and friends, and attend religious functions or social events. This transportation program will also help to keep workers happy, by helping to coordinate rides for caregivers going from client to client.

Our NEMT services are designed to provide elderly individuals with safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation. Our highly trained and experienced drivers are available for door-to-door service and can help with mobility needs.

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Furthermore, transportation offerings will additionally allow our agency to begin receiving government money by making headway in the Medicare Advantage (MA) world. Medicare Part B will pay 80 percent of the Medicare-approved amount for nonemergency ambulance services if it approves those services based on a written statement of medical necessity from the patient’s doctor.

We will also promote new pandemic safeguards, such as disinfecting after every trip, supplying masks and hand cleaners to drivers and passengers, installing plexi-glass barriers between passengers and drivers, restricting auto passenger occupancy to two people from the same family, and the temperature testing of passengers and drivers at regular intervals.

Our NEMT services are also tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We can provide a veteran driver to ensure that our clients feel safe and comfortable. We can also provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles to ensure that those with limited mobility are able to access our services.

Our NEMT services are also affordable and flexible. We offer competitive rates and can accommodate last-minute requests. We also offer scheduled transportation services for regular appointments.

At Your Way Home Care, we take pride in providing safe and reliable transportation services for our elderly clients. Our NEMT services are designed to make getting around easier and more comfortable. Contact us today to learn more.